もし君はIBMのC2070-981ウェブトレーニングに合格するのを通じて、競争が激しいIT業種での地位を高めて、IT技能を増強するなら、JPshikenの IBMのC2070-981ウェブトレーニングを選んだほうがいいです。長年の努力を通じて、JPshikenのIBMのC2070-981ウェブトレーニングの合格率が100パーセントになっていました。JPshikenを選ぶのは成功を選ぶのに等しいです。


試験科目:IBM FileNet Content Manager V5.2, Specialist
問題と解答:全72問 C2070-981 認証試験

>> C2070-981 認証試験


NO.1 An administrator needs to test Content Based Retrieval (CBR) after indexing a document class.
In the Administration Console for Content Platform Engine (ACCE), which Search tab can be used to
run a CBR query?
A. SQL Query
B. Advanced Search
C. Simple Search
D. Basic Query
Answer: B


NO.2 Data replication for disaster recovery can be accomplished at the application, host, storage or
network level.
Which of the following statements describes replication at the storage level for an IBM FileNet
Content Manager system?
A. Replication is managed by the storage device, typically to another device of the same model.
B. A device on the network, such as the IBM SAN Volume Controller (SVC), that intercepts device
writes and replicates them to a corresponding storage device at a remote site.
C. Replication is configured and implemented by the FileNet P8 product.
D. Replication is configured and implemented by the host operating system.
Answer: C


NO.3 A customer has IBM FileNet Content Manager V5.2 installed and a new fix pack has come out
for Content Platform Engine (CPE).
Which one of the following components does NOT require CPE client files?
A. IBM FileNet Rendition Engine
B. IBM Content Navigator
C. Workplace XT
D. IBM Enterprise Records
Answer: A


NO.4 The system administrator for a large IBM FileNet Content Manager installation is seeing errors
in the P8 error log during high volume times.
The error is as follows on an IBM WebSphere Application Server V7:
Root Exception message:CORBA NO_RESPONSE 0x4942fb01 Maybe; nested exception is:
org.omg.CORBA.NO_RESPONSE: Request 15 timed out vmcid: IBM minor code: B01 completed:
Maybe Connection not available while invoking method createOrWaitForConnection for resource
What can the system administrator do to correct the error?
A. Increase the maximum connections for the JDBC connection pool.
B. Adjust the Lightweight Third Party Authentication (LTPA) parameters.
C. Adjust the Fixed Content Device retention parameters.
D. Modify the Content Engine Web Service Transport (CEWS).
Answer: A


JPshikenは最新のC_THR91_1505問題集と高品質のC-THR82-1605問題と回答を提供します。JPshikenのC_THR86_1608 VCEテストエンジンとC2090-136試験ガイドはあなたが一回で試験に合格するのを助けることができます。高品質の7893X PDFトレーニング教材は、あなたがより迅速かつ簡単に試験に合格することを100%保証します。試験に合格して認証資格を取るのはそのような簡単なことです。